Aasara Pension Telangana eligibility Criteria and Application

Aasara Pension Telangana qualification Criteria and Application Process

The Aasara annuity plan has been discharged by Telangana government with the point of caring for the welfare of the general public. It additionally searches for the security and wellbeing of the destitute individuals. In this way, the fundamental point of the usage of the plan is to care for and improve the state of the helpless segment of the general public.

By assistance of this annuity conspire, the fundamental day by day needs of the needy individuals can be met. The Aasara annuity plan will give significant budgetary help to some particular classifications of the general public. The classes of individuals who are qualified to get benefits under this plan are Old and weak, individuals with HIV-AIDS, widows, crippled weavers and hard stuff tappers.

Amount to be given to different sections of society

SL. No Category Monthly pension amount (in rupees)
1 Old Age     1000
2 People with HIV-AIDS   1000
3 Widows   1000
4 Incapacitated weavers  1000
5 Toddy Peppers   1000
6 Disabled   1000

Qualification criteria for old matured

  • The age of the individual ought to be 65 years old or more
  • Both Vulnerable and Primitive gatherings are qualified. What’s more, one individual from each family is allowable, particularly ladies
  • Destitute and houseless individuals living dwelling in impermanent casual houses and the ones living in urban regions are incorporated
  • On the off chance that the house is controlled by elderly folks individuals who are widows or critically ill or physically incapacitated of 65 years or more with no help from society
  • Individuals, for example, landless horticulture workers, provincial specialists individuals living in ghetto , individuals gaining their occupation on consistent schedule in the casual like coolies, doormen, pushcart pullers, rickshaw pullers, organic product merchants, bloom dealers, and others living in both urban and rustic regions

What is the qualification Criteria for Widows?

  • At the point when widows are applying for Aasara benefits they ought to be of 18 years old or more
  • It incorporates both crude and helpless gatherings. Additionally, ladies heading any families with no other wellspring of pay in the family
  • Just widow ladies is qualified to get benefits under this plan
  • It incorporates individuals like landless horticulture specialists, rustic craftsmans, individuals living in ghettos, people subject to every day work in areas like doormen, rickshaw pullers, coolies, products of the soil venders and other living both in country or urban locales.
  • It incorporate destitute and houseless individuals living in transitory cottages in urban territories
  • Families kept running by debilitated or individual widows ought to be 65 years or above

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Weavers?

  • Weavers applying under this plan ought to be inside the age gathering of 50 or more so as to get benefits under this plan.
  • Single individual of the family can get the advantages under the plan. Both crude and powerless inborn people can settle on advantages.
  • By calling the individual ought to work in the weaving segment However, weavers from either rustic or urban zones are incorporated
  • Vagrants living in transitory houses both in urban zones
  • Families kept running by widows or sick people or crippled ones ought to be of age 65 years or above with no societal help.

What is Eligibility Criteria for Toddy Tappers?

  • To get benefits under Aasara Pension, the Toddy Tappers ought to be between 50 years old or more
  • One individual from one individual is qualified to get benefits under this plan
  • Individual ought to be in Toddy Tapping by calling both in country and urban territories. Additionally, individuals from crude and helpless innate gatherings are incorporated
  • Families kept running by widows or sick people or debilitated people of 65 years or more with no other acquiring individual in the family are incorporated to get benefits under this plan
  • For Toddy tapper, the advantage will be given simply after benefits confirmation. This will realize that the check number is enlisted with the annuity specialist or not.
  • Families living in transitory foundations particularly in urban zones.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Disabled Person?

The Disabled Person can profit profits by Aasara annuity regardless of age

  • The plan incorporates individuals from crude and powerless innate gatherings
  • Families kept running by ladies and there ought not be any physically fit individual in the family
  • For the ones with hearing issue, least handicap level ought to be 51%.
  • Individuals working in landless farming specialists, provincial craftsmans, individuals living in slumsand working in casual area
  • Individuals who are destitute living in transitory houses in the urban territories.
  • Impaired individual who are of 65 years old or more with no other acquiring part in the family are qualified to get benefits under this plan

What are the archives Required to apply for Aasara Pension?

  • For legitimate approval of the annuity benefits, the candidates need to present the accompanying archives for appropriate confirmation.
  • A photo of the applicant
  • Aadhaar card subtleties
  • Subtleties of Savings Bank record including IFSC code. The IFSC code can be either from the bank or the nearby mail station.
  • Any age evidence report including marriage testament can likewise be created.
  • For widows, Death declaration of spouse ought to be created. In the event that passing authentication isn’t accessible, Panchayat Secretary will direct a request of the equivalent and present a report. The demise authentication ought to be submitted inside next a quarter of a year to be transferred in the framework.
  • The Toddy Tappers need to submit pertinent photocopies of enrollment of this plan to the Cooperative society.
  • Weavers should deliver a Xerox duplicate of enrollment as Co-agents society of the weavers.
  • People with inabilities up to 40% will get SADAREM Certificate. Likewise, individuals with hearing impaired51% ought to likewise be incorporated.

How to apply for Aasara Pension?

  • To begin with, the candidate needs to download the application structure from the official entryway of the plan. Also, the application is accessible from MeeSeva Center adjacent.
  • The candidate needs to top off the application structure with right subtleties and give and archives referenced already.
  • The hopeful needs to give the application structure to the Gram Panchayat secretary or the town income official in the country region. It can likewise be given to the Bill gatherer in the urban region.
  • After online procedure of the application and legitimate confirmation by Municipal Commissioner and District Collector, annuity card will be given with photo of the competitor on the application.

How to look Aasara Pensioner Details?

To start with, you need to visit the landing page of the official site http://www.aasara.telangana.gov.in/SSPTG/userinterface/entryway/loginpage.aspx of the plan.

  • After this, you need to get Aasara Pensioner Details from the hunt menu.
  • Subsequent to tapping on the connection, it will divert you to the primary page. Here, you will get the alternative to enter annuity ID and after that quest for the required subtleties.
  • Without the benefits ID, as a substitute strategy can be utilized to gain admittance to the retired person detail.
  • After this, you need to choose District, Mandal, Panchayat subtleties starting from the drop menu that surfaces.
  • At that point you need to enter your name alongside leader of family’s name. At that point you need to tap on inquiry.

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